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Court Supports Non-Solicitation clause

Read this if you are concerned about an employee stealing and using your customer database against you.  Tex Onsite have just been awarded some $110,000 against a previous employee who stole customer information and broke a non-solicitation clause.

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New Health and Safety laws

The new H&S law takes effect from 1 April.  If you don't have a system in place or it hasn't been reviewed for a while, now would be a very good time to sort it. 

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How to reward staff without it costing

I am often asked by clients how they can reward staff for good work without it costing them heaps.  Sure, there are incentive plans linking bonuses to performance - but there are many small ways you can give a reward and these can be more timely.  Here are some examples

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Using older workers to enhance your business

Do you focus just on how to help older workers retire (and maybe how quickly)?  Or have you realised that many of them have potential to help your business and want to continue to grow?

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Legal Latest - January 2016

The legal cases settled over the last few months have given a lot of food for thought.  This month will be a long summary – if you want more detail in an area please ask and I will find the relevant case detail for you.

These cases included:

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Turning around a problem employee with a mental health issue

The Australian workplaces have estimated a cost of some $11 billion per annum related to untreated mental health issues.  I asked Michael Hempseed of Employee Solution Service (ESS) what he suggested could be done about this in NZ.

He indicated that so often managers see only two options with poor performers: put up with the problem or dismiss them. But best is a third option: turn them around.  Understanding and addressing mental health issues can be simple and effective. 

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