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Employment agreements are complex, crucial documents, and ideally unique to your company. We’re here to help you to develop the right agreements, tailored to your particular needs. Our experienced team will ensure your employment agreements protect confidential company information, company assets and important clients; manage issues such as variable working hours or apprenticeship requirements; and provide for foreseeable events.

The Essential HR team will help you navigate through the various types of agreements and choose the most suitable one, whether you’re hiring on a permanent, fixed term, casual, or contract basis. We’ll get it written so it can be signed before the employee starts work, and if you’re choosing to use the 90-day trial, we’ll make sure that everything is in place so that it’s effective.

Case Study

Making sure that your employment agreements are understood and 100% legal is hugely important. We recently assisted an employer who realised this when an employment issue arose due to a decrease in available work. While the employer only believed they had been acting in good faith on a casual agreement, legally the employee was in the right because the agreement wasn’t in writing.
Avoid these situations by making sure your employment agreements are clear and specific from the start, and avoid unnecessary, time consuming and expensive legal battles.

Employment Agreements Toolkits