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I aim to share short, informative posts on current developments and ideas in the HR space that are of practical use to employers and employees alike!

I want to make sure you always know what is happening in the world of human resources. Here I provide you with latest news and updates from Essential HR, as I identify them. This includes my own analyses, summaries of key legal developments month by month, and useful tips for your organisation.

Essential HR Update

Essential HR Update - Tuesday 25th May 2021 Well, we now have the first law change for the year, so this Update is focused on managing sick leave in the changed environment.…

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Making GP’s your allies

How often is a medical certificate too vague, or a workplace assessment too general to be helpful?  How often have you heard excuses for no medical certificate? We have a relationship with a medical centre that makes these things positive.

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Getting people Back to Work

How long does it take to get someone back to work after a longer-term accident/illness?  Make it quicker by using a Return to Work Plan.

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Rugby World Cup and absenteeism

Well, once again sport takes over NZ businesses!  Go the All Blacks but just how should you manage your staff when their rugby support limits their productivity? Well even Business.

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Need help managing staff?

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Keeping You Posted

30 May 2024

Essential Update May 2024

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11 April 2024

Essential Update - 11th April 2024

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10 January 2024

Essential Update - First update of 2024

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