Chill and Refill for 2018

It’s “Chill time”: that time of year when the pressure is off; the shopping is over; you’re done with Christmas duties; off work for another 10 days still, and you have time to relax.  Good food, good company and good wine/beer is flowing.  Now you can get creative … that’s the stage before you become philosophical – which is the stage before you forget everything!  I’m not talking New Year Resolutions (where you outwardly make decisions to change something you really have no wish to change).  I am talking dreams and visions – things that, given any sort of chance, would really motivate you. 

I want to encourage you – do take note of those big picture things you’d really like to happen.  The thing is that you just don’t know what is around that next corner.  Sure, they can be negative (like our earthquakes) – but you should be prepared for the positive: I have a non-profit client that has just received an absolutely huge donation and now things that had not been even remotely possible suddenly are.  And, unlike me, you may win lotto (I can’t because I won’t buy tickets!).  But dreams themselves are free, and unless you have them you cannot take even the first step towards them.

This is for everyone: every single one of us needs dreams and now is a good time to build them when the opportunity arises.

It is also something that business owners need to do from time to time.  I’m into my 12th year operating now, and while I don’t have a formal business plan each year, I certainly do some strategic planning.  This series of articles for the Guardian, for example, was one of my strategic decisions for this year and I trust you have enjoyed it.  I see strategic planning as a time to “refill” my toolbox of ideas.

So here are some questions you may like to ask yourself about your business as a means of refilling your own toolbox in preparation for 2018:

  • Given the business environment, what would I love to change about the way my business works?  How you spend your time; removing frustrating systems; doing more business where you want to …
  • If I could have anyone I liked, what sort of person would I like to have on my team?  Try not to put a face to the person – it’s the skills and attitude you want.
  • What do I want to make happen in my business in 2018?
  • What risks do I need to respond to in 2018?

And then you can ask yourself what you can do to start achieving each of these – remember that the longest journey always starts with the first step!  (adapted from Lao Tzu).

On behalf of the team at Essential HR limited, I wish you a restful and dreamful Christmas/New Year.  If you need someone to talk through your plans, we’d love to help!

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