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Should you go to work when sick?

Why do some people still go to work while they are sick, even if they risk spreading their germs and making others sick? The answer may be obvious if the sick leave would be unpaid; but you can do things to help your team to avoid this practice.

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Making GP’s your allies

How often is a medical certificate too vague, or a workplace assessment too general to be helpful?  How often have you heard excuses for no medical certificate? We have a relationship with a medical centre that makes these things positive.

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Are sick employees giving you a headache?

Are you at your wit's end with sick employees? You aren't alone. Here is a recap of what steps you can take when dealing with the forever errant or sickly employee.

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Medical Terminations - when is enough, enough?

When is enough, enough? When can you dismiss for medical inability? Generally, if you have been trying all you can to get the person back to work for a reasonable time and there remains no assurance that they can.  But there are steps that must be followed.

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