Essential Employee Care

Don't let HR compliance ruin your business - Essential Employee Care can ensure you keep your HR in order.

Does this sound familiar?

  • I'm sick of this employee's attitude!
  • Why won't staff do what they are told?
  • Compliance & process is crippling my business!

You are not alone!

If you are like most business people, employment and HR issues are a hassle and may well give you sleepless nights. Employment and HR is complicated and frustrating; get the basics wrong and it can be costly.

With Essential HR you are never alone.

We have the tools, experience and expertise to ease the stress.

Together we will keep your employment and HR compliance on track, help you win back those sleepless nights and reduce cost.
Based on our many years of experience with small to medium sized enterprises, Essential HR has created an affordable service Essential Employee Care to pro-actively ensure you get the essential employee services you need when you need them; at a cost you can afford.

How it Works

Together we create a tailored support plan providing just those services you need, from our proven range of HR services.

Your Essential Employee Care ensures you have access to the most up to date HR support you need at a fixed monthly fee.
Once this is agreed you will receive whatever services you need in agreed areas at no further cost.

Consider this example:

A typical small business with an owner and three staff wants a Help Desk; employment documentation; and guidance on disciplinary and change process management. They would incur the flat monthly charge of only $99 per month plus a weekly charge of $6.00 (being $2.00 per employee), on a minimum 12 month plan. Costing less than 1.0% of payroll, it ensures the very best support is on hand when you need it. All costs are exclusive of GST.

Need help managing staff?

Essential HR has a wealth of experience advising on every aspect of the employer-employee relationship. We can give you per-phone guidance or work along side you to make things happen.

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