Essential HR

As a business owner, you apply strategic thinking across all of your commercial activities. It’s important to also dedicate time to strategically planning your human resource requirements. Strategic HR thinking helps to identify the people-related needs in your business model, including staff volumes, structure, roles and risks. We’ll help you to pro-actively set things in motion to get the most out of the people in your business.

We can help you to identify your people needs and connect them to your business plan in the most effective way. Our HR audits are designed to identify the top priorities for action with the people in your business.

Case Study

A fast-expanding construction company in Christchurch approached us recently. They had analysed where they wanted their business to head, and quickly realised that they didn’t have the right people in the right jobs to achieve their goals. With our strategic HR help, they restructured some of their positions so that their priority tasks were being achieved. The strategic planning they applied resulted in a workforce that was better placed to achieve their business goals and success in facing the Christchurch rebuild.

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