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I aim to share short, informative posts on current developments and ideas in the HR space that are of practical use to employers and employees alike!

I want to make sure you always know what is happening in the world of human resources. Here I provide you with latest news and updates from Essential HR, as I identify them. This includes my own analyses, summaries of key legal developments month by month, and useful tips for your organisation.

Covid-19 Leave Support Scheme Ended

As of today, entitlements to the Leave Support Scheme have ended.

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End of Traffic Light System and a Public Holiday Announcement

We see the end of the Covid Traffic Light System and the addition of a one off Public Holiday to celebrate the life of Queen Elizabeth II...

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Covid-19 Update - Changes to the Covid Response

A breakdown of the information given at todays Government Announcement... plus a couple of reminders...

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Essential Update – 25 February 2022 – Phase three Implications

All that you need to know about moving into Phase 3...

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Covid-19 Update and Minimum Wage

Entering Phase two of the red light and what that means for you...

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Covid-19 Policy Drafts

A copy of the draft Covid-19 policies for you to use...

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Traffic Light Update - Sector Guidelines Out

The Sector Guidance was issued last night! Here is what you need to know...

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Traffic Lights Update - 23rd November 2021

The Traffic Light System starts on December 3rd... Here's what we can tell you so far...

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Covid-19 Update - Preparing for Traffic Lights

Guidance on preparing for the Covid-19 Protection Framework...

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Covid-19 – Managing Vaccinations for those not covered under the Order Mandating vaccinations

Thursday 4th November 2021 While the requirements for businesses covered under the Vaccination Mandate are now clearer (see our update 26th Oct), those who are not covered by the mandate have…

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