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I aim to share short, informative posts on current developments and ideas in the HR space that are of practical use to employers and employees alike!

I want to make sure you always know what is happening in the world of human resources. Here I provide you with latest news and updates from Essential HR, as I identify them. This includes my own analyses, summaries of key legal developments month by month, and useful tips for your organisation.

Health Safety Law passed with my amendment

Allow me to blow my own trumpet - at least this one time!  When I spoke to the Select Committee on behalf of small businesses I asked for one thing…

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Office Work is Dangerous!

The British Journal of Sports Medicine has identified further evidence that prolonged sitting or standing in stationary positions is increasing the risk of heart disease and diabetes (at least).

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Workplace Stress

The impact of stress in the workplace was highlighted in a recent court case where poorly managed stress at work was determined to be a valid cause of constructive dismissal…

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Extra Potential Large H&S Fines

In December 2014 the Sentencing Act 2002 was ammended in a seemingly minor fashion.

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Health and Safety Legislatio​n - Support me request changes of the Select Committee

The wheels of government turn - albeit slowly, and some 8 months after making my submission I have been asked to go and talk to the Select Committee debating the…

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Company Officers face liability

A Senior Manager in Australia is being charged under H&S legislation in Australia (on which our new Act is modelled).

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Quad Bikes – she’ll not be right!

Just how blasé can we be when it comes to things like quad bikes? The Courts have just fined a farmworker $15,000 for riding a quad bike on a farm…

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New Health and Safety regulations

The government has issued a draft set of regulations to support the new Health and Safety at Work Act.

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New Health and Safety Help

ACC have developed cards that identify common site hazards and explain how to deal with them.

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Health and Safety Reforms - Fine Levels

I believe we will see significant changes to Health and Safety requirements this year (see my July 2013 Update) - and the current proposals include serious increases in levels of…

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