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How to reward staff without it costing

I am often asked by clients how they can reward staff for good work without it costing them heaps.  Sure, there are incentive plans linking bonuses to performance - but there are many small ways you can give a reward and these can be more timely.  Here are some examples

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Keeping staff who want to leave

Over 40% of under 33 year-olds intend to leave their job within 2 years.  Deloitte have completed a big Millennials survey and it is clear that this generation  still favour job-hopping in order to advance their careers.  It seems that it is easier for them to show their growth this way than if they stay in one place.  A significant number are clearly seeking leadership and responsibility and won't await the dead man's shoes.

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Employing Skilled Workers

The official unemployment rate in Canterbury is now only 3.3% according to Statistics New Zealand – this is considered to be “full employment”.

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