Helping Staff who suffer from Domestic Violence

Kudos to The Warehouse Group – they have announced that victimised employees will be entitled to an additional 10 days paid leave per year for meetings etc related to getting themselves to a safer position.  They’ve also announced unpaid leave entitlements for those taking care of family violence victims.

What a great example of standing up for your staff against an insidious problem in society.

SMEs are often put off by the cost of this sort of benefit, but think it through.  The impact on the business of a person who continues to endure the violence because they can’t afford not to, will be lost productivity, continued days off, and a real negative attitude.  If you start formal performance management that will also cost management time and energy.  Just maybe it is worth the 10 days (or at least some) extra leave just to avoid the negatives. 

So here is a real opportunity to go with your values and do something for society.

Need help managing staff?

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