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Payroll Problems – Get It Checked Out

In the last three weeks I have spent time with three different companies looking at their payroll systems and how well they cope with the specific employment situations these companies faced.  In all cases I identified certain aspects that were not compliant with the Holidays Act and we worked out some ways of managing these situations to keep them out of trouble – through manual interventions.

Get it wrong and should you be visited by an inspector it will be very expensive – even if you have only minor pay adjustments to make, the recalculations you would have to do to prove it all, can cost tens of thousands!

Virtually all payroll systems will be non-compliant in some ways – they may not be a problem for you – but you should be checking.  The Labour Inspectors and Courts do not allow ignorance as an excuse!

I have developed a 12-question audit to look into a small company’s payroll use – takes maybe an hour. 

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