Improve Productivity with Flexibility

A Working Mum's Research survey in the US has concluded that those who are happy with their work-life benefits are 21% more productive and 33% more likely to stay with their employer.  Whatever the real %s, this is fairly conclusive evidence that work-life benefits do lead to better productivity.

So what sorts of benefits are they talking about?  Some of them are simple:

  • a policy that accepts reduced hours, especially on return to work after parental leave;
  • a change of title - instead of words like "casual" or "part-time" use empowering titles like "key time staff" - or don't classify them at all;
  • ensuring that you arrange staff functions/meetings at times when all staff can make;
  • formalising return to work programmes;
  • encouraging use of peer groups to provide support from people in similar situations (even if outside the organisation);
  • training managers to hold career conversations with these staff so their flexed working life still has direction.

My thanks to Debbie Schultz of Fuel50 Career Engagement for most of these ideas.

Need help managing staff?

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