Court Supports Non-Solicitation clause

Read this if you are concerned about an employee stealing and using your customer database against you.  Tex Onsite have just been awarded some $110,000 against a previous employee who stole customer information and broke a non-solicitation clause.

The Courts start with the view that any restriction of  an individual's ability to work is not supportable, but they will do so when a company has an asset it is entitled to protect - in this case their customer database.  Central to the company's successful defence was that the employee had persuaded a key client to move to a new company in breach of a non-solicitation clause, having used customer information they stole on a USB.  Note that if there had been no actual loss of business the Courts would have awarded nothing.

So look after your assets and protect against ex-employees, by getting the right non-solicitation clauses in your agreements.  Call me on 027 2808546 if you want help.

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