Essential HR

Increasing staff performance lies at the heart of human resources, and it is an area where Essential HR has a great deal of experience.

We can help with setting expectations and goals, and putting formal performance management systems in place. We specialise in providing career development planning for staff who may already be performing highly but need an extra boost to keep them interested. We also advise on the best ways of giving feedback to staff, and managing specific poor performers.

Unfortunately, some companies do have to go through disciplinary processes. Our experienced team at Essential HR is ready to help you through this difficult time, and to help avoid the situation recurring.

Most of the time, we find a company simply needs some support through the disciplinary process, someone to bounce their decision off and someone to write their letters for them - all of which Essential HR can help with. If the situation is a delicate one, we can also act as an employer advocate and attend disciplinary meetings with you.

It’s not just a process but about achieving the best end point for both employer and employee, all the while minimising the risk of a personal grievance.

Case Study

Not all disciplinary situations result in warnings and broken relationships – if you catch a poor performance situation early enough a disciplinary process can turn things around quite quickly. One client called us because they believed they had evidence of fraud. The manager was particularly upset because there had been a high level of trust in the relationship. Fortunately when the proper process was followed and it became clear that there was a simple explanation, the two were able to successfully get back on track with their working relationship.

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