Essential HR

Effective Leadership and Management are, without a doubt, one of the most important ingredients to ensure success in business.  Of course, they are also one of the most difficult components to get right.

We provide assistance for Managers and Team Leaders to help them identify the differences between their leadership responsibilities and their managerial ones In working with your people, we’ll create action plans to improve their effectiveness.

If your company requires restructuring, we can also help with the people side of this strategic plan. If your restructuring may lead to a situation where redundancies are likely, we can advise to ensure that these are handled legally and carefully. Minimising the psychological impact on employees and your risk of a personal grievance is the main objective here.

Restructuring invariably requires on-site understanding of a company’s needs so that we can help you follow an acceptable consultation-based process for bringing about necessary change. We make sure that we spend some time based at your business in order to enable us to have the best understanding of what you are currently doing, and what you wish to achieve in a restructure.

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