Essential HR

We offer a number of 'Toolkits' that include information and forms relating to standard HR queries. The Toolkits were developed in response to a need that we saw in our clients for some ready to use information and templates. While the bulk of our work is tailored, we see the Toolkits as a cost effective and time efficient way of providing the resources our clients need to get on with the job.

The Toolkits currently available are:

First Time Employer Kit

Employing your very first employee can be a little daunting. There are a lot of legal boxes that need to be ticked to keep the courts and your new employee happy and get the most out of them. Our first time employer kit will equip you with all the details that you need to employ someone for the first time, such as an employment contract for you to implement, the appropriate IRD forms, and a job description template.

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Policy Manual Kit

All companies should have particular policies in place to ensure that the procedures followed are consistent across the company - and legal! This kit includes clear, effective and easy to understand key policies and procedures that all companies should have in place, like annual leave, time recording and a code of conduct.

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Parental Leave Kit

Staff memebrs applying for parental leave can be such an unusual thing that when it happens a lot of employers simply don't know how to react. This kit will assist you in making sure that the right process is followed by both you and your staff member to ensure that they can get their maximum government entitlement and you follow the right legal steps.

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HR Health Self Assesment

The HR Health Self Assesment Toolkit is a basic way for you to assess the existing level of effectivness of your company's HR procedures in particular areas of business. This is best conducted in total but may be restircted to areas considered to be of specific importance to the compny's goals and objectives at a particular time. The Toolkit may be followed by a fuller Health Check which is an overview of your systems, documents and procedures that exist (or don't), it can also incorporate a sufficiently detailed look at the key documents to give an opinion as to whether or not they deliver good practice.

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