Essential HR

Recruitment is a time consuming process regardless of whether you’re filling one or one hundred positions.  We work closely with our clients at a variety of levels to aid your recruitment needs.

From writing a job description that fits the job, to choosing the best of your shortlisted candidates, we’ll assist you along the way. Our experienced staff will help you find the right person for the job and the right fit for your company.

When the perfect candidate has accepted the position, we’ll help set them up with an employment agreement and an effective induction process.

We can free you from the stress of recruiting new staff by providing efficient processes and appropriate documentation. We’ll help you to address the key risks in recruitment by minimising wasted time and ensuring you’re recruiting the most appropriate employees.



Case Study

One of our clients in the agricultural sector was having trouble finding the right person for a job opening. The problem: they had highly specific needs and no one with the right experience was coming through the pipeline. With our assistance, they re-jigged the recruitment process, and ended up making a successful offer to an individual from overseas. Our team then assisted with the immigration process, resulting in filling a hard-to-place role with experienced candidate who is now making significant contributions to the company.

Recruiting Toolkits